2 themed Escape Rooms based in the Hotel. 

Houdini's Escape Room Experience is an award-winning escape room company, experts in creating truly unique and immersive experiences.

Escape rooms are themed, real-life adventures where teams of players work together to find hidden clues, crack puzzles, complete exciting challenges and solve the mystery before time runs out!

Houdini's Last Secret

Difficulty level: 62/100
Success rate: 50%
Time: 60 minutes

Group Size: 3 - 6 people

(2 people can play but be aware this may be more difficult)

You and your friends have been personally invited to the last ever performance of the great escapologist and illusionist, Harry Houdini. Taking your place in the audience of the Grand Theatre you wait patiently for the performance to begin. The orchestra dies down, but the curtains refuse to budge. You hear whispers from the crowd - Houdini has disappeared!

Can you find your way backstage, solve the clues hidden in Houdini's famous props and uncover the mystery behind Houdini's disappearance?

U.S.S. Redemption

Difficulty level: 70/100
Success rate: 38%
Time: 60 minutes

Group Size: 3 - 6 people

(2 people can play but be aware this may be more difficult)

In the year 2248, you and your motley crew of space pirates have been found guilty of looting and are being transported on the U.S.S. Redemption to a mining facility to work off your sentence. En-route the ship suffers a catastrophic failure and is locked on course towards certain disaster. Your guards quickly abandon ship and leave you to your fate.

Can you free yourselves from prison, gain control of the spaceship and steer it to safety before time runs out?


Includes use of our Reeds Health Club & Spa with the option of a spa treatment or Dinner in our Marco's New York Italian Restaurant.



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