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Why timing of your wedding is so important.

Wedding Venue Nottinghamshire

We are based on the borders of Leicestershire/ Nottingham and Derbyshire so really centrally located, and having hosted many weddings our mantra to all couples is don’t get married too late in the day.

Most couples nowadays pay for their own wedding and it is without a doubt the most expensive party you’ll organise. So it goes without saying that you would want to squeeze every little bit out of the day and get the best possible value for money – time wise too.

So many couples want to get married mid-afternoon and sometimes you cannot get the registrar as they do not have any space left. Why the fixation with mid-afternoon? Do you not want to spend this once in a lifetime day with your chosen one?

I remember a bride asking once for a 5 pm winter wedding as she thought the candles would show up better at dusk – this was indeed true however, by 3 pm this bride was climbing the walls with frustration waiting for ‘her day’ to begin.

Let’s think about a midday wedding so you’ve had time to have a Champagne breakfast after all you will be awake at about 5 am. Time for the hair and make-upand to get into your dress and get to the church/ ceremony room in time.

Time for photographs and drinks then the wedding breakfast at 2 pm – speeches over by 5 and then you have time to chat to the day guests and refresh before the evening guests arrive. The evening guests start arriving at 7/ 7.30 pm and the buffet appears at 8.30/ 9 pm. You cannot imagine how much food is not eaten when the day is crammed together – by now the day guests are hungry again.

Think about an early wedding and spend time with the friends and family you have invited. But most of all take a little time in-between to have a chat about the day so far whilst getting ready for the evening party.

Make your day even more enjoyable by spreading it out and savour every moment – we’re here and happy to help.