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Wedding Venue Nottinghamshire

A wedding venue in Nottinghamshire can conjure up a vast array of venues! From stately homes to yurts from pubs to hotels – so much to choose from too many decisions.

Everyone has a different vision of the perfect wedding but now when each time you turn the TV on or look at social media one topic hits you immediately and that’s food – we have become a nation of foodies!!!

When you get to work on a Monday the usual topic is ‘what did you do this weekend’? On replying you’re more than likely to say if you went to a wedding however; I would bet any money that you won’t mention the bride’s dress or the speeches, you may mention the venue but you will talk most definitely about the meal and or evening buffet.

So when looking for a venue remember you will be judged by the food on offer. Don’t go too way out but choose a meal that will suit all tastes but is a little different. Steer away from a roast as you can get one of these across the UK any day of the week and this is a special occasion and probably the biggest party you’ll ever host. Also, don’t get too hung up on what if guests don’t like this or that – you’ll be amazed how personal choice goes out of the window when this is the meal on offer or nothing. Of course, dietary requirements i.e. vegetarians/ coeliac’ s can be considered.

It’s tempting to try and cut costs and not have an evening buffet but think about it – when you’re at home or out for a drink then usually you get out the cheese and biscuits or pates. A very popular idea now is to have a cake made from wheels of cheese as so often a traditional wedding cake goes uneaten. A Cheese Cakes makes a great centrepiece and with breads, salads and crudities makes an ideal evening buffet as does the ever-popular hog roast.

Always ask if you can meet the Chef and go through your ideas with them, choose your venue wisely and make your wedding the one to beat!