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Conference Venue Derby

A conference venue in Derby if you’ve been tasked to organise a conference can mean many things! Does it mean County, does it mean City, does it mean conference centre or a hotel with conference facilities?

The main thing to bear in mind is where are your delegates coming from and how will they get there? Will they require accommodation and will you be doing any team building exercises – either internal or external.

Inherently a city centre venue leads to frustration from delegates if they don’t know the city and it could lead to delays if the morning rush hour traffic is heavy.Is the venue accessible by public transport – bus, train/ tram or air; CSR plays a big part of company’s business plans nowadays. Consider car parking. Is it onsite, is it free? If not, you could be faced with a large bill for car parking which you hadn’t budgeted for.

Also, check that delegate rates include any AV equipment you may require as this also can add a huge amount to your costs without knowing in advance, so don’t sign that contract until you’ve had this confirmed. WiFi which should be of a large bandwidth should also be FREE; there’s no excuse for being charged for this when most coffee shops offer it for free.

Unlimited and easily accessible coffee break out areas are a must, there’s nothing worse than finishing that first session ahead of schedule and then having to wait to have coffee delivered to the room. Discuss with your venue the type of food you’d like for your delegates particularly lunch as you don’t want your delegates falling asleep after lunch.

From experience delegates and to that end the facilitators want to get away from the venue swiftly and easily, so look for a venue with easy access to the major road networks and as mentioned previously the rail networks. For delegates flying in being near an airport is a bonus and most venues will be able to offer discounted rates to guests to get to and from the public transport system.

Lots to think about but hopefully there’s a few ideas here to help you have a very productive meeting and reach that end goal.