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Are you looking for an ideal wedding venue location for your wedding day?

Getting married is probably one of the most stressful events in your lifetime therefore, all the more reason to choose a wedding venue in Leicestershire with years of experience and a proven track record who can guide you through all the pitfalls.

We can give you sound advice on what to do to relieve those worries so don’t get too wound up in your guest dietary requirements – you’ll be amazed at how all the plates come back cleared.

Similarly, don’t worry too much about the seating plan guests only have to sit together for a couple of hours and it’s good to mix the families so the evening flows better rather than have the two families eyeing each other up from across the room.

In these times it’s also not usual to have four sets of parents – we can give you many different options to solve this problem to ensure everyone is left smiling.

We all know that a wedding can be quite expensive so our suggestion is to eek it out into a 2 or 3 day event. Why not encourage your guests to stay the night prior to enable everyone to get ready in a relaxed environment and get to know each other? Private breakfast on the day after the wedding are also a good idea as this allows for an extra lie in and to continue the bonding of the two families.

Of course the most worrying thing for most Grooms is the speech! Traditionally this is done after the meal (wedding breakfast) however we suggest that maybe you do these before thus enabling you to relax and enjoy this very special occasion.

Not sure how to proceed and if you are feeling overwhelmed by all the decisions to be made then give us a call and we’ll be only too happy to help.