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Hotel East Midlands Airport

If you stay in an East Midlands Airport Hotel you’ve made a great choice as it has great access routes to all parts of the Midlands and South Yorkshire.

I’ve never really understood why more people don’t stay in a hotel the night prior to their holiday. It takes away the stress of worrying about reaching the airport in time – take it from someone who’s seen what must have been her plane taking off whilst she was on the M25 car park!

Staying somewhere the night prior is like starting your holidays a day early. Check in and use the hotels’s leisure facilities if they have them or simply relax and start that holiday read. Plus if they do have a spa and you had no time to get your nails done then book in for this too.. Enjoy a nice bottle of wine with your dinner then get an early night and wake feeling refreshed the next morning ready to start which I’m sure is your much awaited holiday.

One word of advice is pack what you need for the hotel in your cabin bag and then you’re not repacking your larger suitcase which can often be left in a secure luggage store in the hotel.  You can always pop your wash bag in the larger case before you check it in.

Obviously most people do opt to stay in a hotel the night prior to their holiday if they have an early flight but hotel stays also work for flight arriving later in the evening. Driving home after a night flight can sometimes completely undo all the good work of a relaxing holiday.  So do consider staying when arriving back late at night, get a good nights sleep enjoy the hotel breakfast and then get home feeling ready to do all those post holiday chores – washing, food shopping and collecting the cat!!

So why is East Midlands Airport?  It’s so easily accessible and when you get there has a more relaxed feel and some great shops and restaurants. Only very occasionally do you have to get on the dreaded airport bus and coming through arrivals is a not too harrowing experience.

So when you’re sat at home at Christmas time thinking about where to go on holiday do take a look at East Midlands Airport and consider staying at an East Midlands Airport hotel and add an extra day to that well deserved break.  Happy holidays.