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Festive Season

It doesn’t matter if you’re a hotel in the East Midlands or anywhere in the U.K. for that matter as the race to get your Christmas brochure out before Easter begins.

To most this might seem extreme but more people visit hotels during this period in the provinces than at any other time.  It’s a great opportunity to get together with family, friends or colleagues to celebrate the festive season after all it is the season to be merry.

When venues are putting together their Christmas programme there’s lots to take into account not withstanding the demographic of your guest.  For instance when a company has a Christmas party you have to take into consideration that their employee’s ages may range from late teens to sixty year olds. So do choose a venue which offers a generic disco/ band as companies won’t make a return booking if you alienate a sector of their staff.

Christmas Parties in the East Midlands are inherently a mix of companies and friends; which makes the joiner Christmas parties favourite as smaller groups can celebrate together. Many companies no longer provide Christmas parties for their staff so colleagues are choosing to do their own thing!

Going out for Christmas Day or Boxing Day lunch is still very popular as it means no one is in the kitchen missing out on the fun. With so many families being spread across the region and parents divorcing and second families being prevalent lunches throughout the Christmas are a great way to keep everyone happy.

New Years Day goes from strength to strength; however since the millennium we’ve become aware that families do like to celebrate too so it’s probably an idea to check out venues who offer a family night together with an adult only event.

If you’re thinking of getting married around this period the best time has to be between Christmas and New Year as venues are usually quieter and will offer some kind of deal. Plus most of your guests will be off work and ready to enjoy themselves. It’s worth bearing in mind that if you marry in the week before Christmas many of your guests may be ore-occupied with everything they have to do for Christmas Day – there’s always a more relaxed feel at post Christmas weddings.

So when you’re sitting down to your turkey with all the trimmings remember that venues will already be thinking about what they can do better next year to help you celebrate the festive season.