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Archive for October 2016

Hotel East Midlands Airport

If you stay in an East Midlands Airport Hotel you’ve made a great choice as it has great access routes to all parts of the Midlands and South Yorkshire. I’ve never really understood why more people don’t stay in a hotel the night prior to their holiday. It takes away the stress of worrying about…

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Festive Season

It doesn’t matter if you’re a hotel in the East Midlands or anywhere in the U.K. for that matter as the race to get your Christmas brochure out before Easter begins. To most this might seem extreme but more people visit hotels during this period in the provinces than at any other time.  It’s a…

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Planning for Wedding and Christmas Season

I hope you are all fully rested after your summer breaks, for those of you that have children I’m not sure if it’s a time of sadness or relief that they have gone back to school but with summer almost behind us what is in store for Autumn? Conference is a very busy time for…

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Winter weddings

There’s no better time of year to get married than the Winter – if the sun shines then it’s a bonus! Scented candles on the tables and during  the ceremony gives the room a special ambience stimulating the senses and evoking memories of good things past and present. Usually venues will offer you a deal…

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